Post 1 : Aesthete Society

As a way to start off my personal blog, I want to talk about some of the work that I do outside of my day job and night hobbies. Aesthete Society is a platform that a small team of us (Amir, Mundo, myself and Qadira) formed in 2015. As it stands, we exhibit once a year at a venue in Portland with concepts that the group has dreamed up together. Our 2nd show happens on Monday, June 27th at the Tiffany Center.

We are a small team, so while we have our specialty areas that we work in, we all do a bit of everything and contribute where we can. Below, I have posted some inspiration that alludes to our show. I will post here and there about A.S. on my blog, but you can find out more details by visiting our site . If you find yourself in Portland at the end of June on a Monday night, you can skip all those steps and purchase tickets to the event by clicking on the flyer below!